Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Synod of Dort

Billy has been doing some nice work on the Synod of Dort at his new web-site Arminian Manifesto. Be sure to check it out.


Anonymous said...

haha. The design rocks.

Historical Number Cruncher said...

Here is some constructive criticism from your Eastern Orthodox friends. While you have a nice design, you need to add some Extra Hot Pepper Sauce to your words. Here's how:

When you critique the Council of Dordt, you need to compare it with the Robber Synod of Ephesus in terms of ILLEGITIMACY. While the Robber Synod of Ephesus is the Eastern Orthodox standard for Illegitimacy, Dordt is not in our jurisdiction and tradition, and we don't recognize it a priori. However, both Church COuncils are part of YOUR Tradition.

Look at the method of invitation for the delegates. Ephesus was a stealth Council, hastily convened, thinly attended, and packed with Monophysite Delegates. Delegates from several regions - Greece, Egypt, Palestine, Rome, etc. - were invited. However, the purpose of a stealth council is to convene and decide matters before anyone else has a chance to act. Ephesus also had adverse delegates, Papal legates, and representatives from the Patriarchs. It had at least some trappings of Legitimacy.

Not so with Dordt! While both councils were convened to condemn orthodox Christianity and condemn its proponents, Dordt actually revoked credentials from Legitimate delegates IN AMBUSH. Dordt's attendees were restricted to English, Germans, Dutch, and Swiss. There were no Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, Egyptians, or other foriegners. The French boycotted Dordt, wheras Dordt was never intended to be boycotted.

When this Critique gets castigated as being UNFAIR, just remember that Dordt was never designed to be Fair.

That is all for now. I'll lurk to see how things develop.

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